Our Happy Labor of Love

We affectionately refer to our project with The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges as “Our Labor of Love”.

Tulsa County ARPA funding helped meet financial goals. Thank you, Karen Keith!

Ground Breaking..

The design effort for this All Inclusive playground took over two years from conception to completion. Wendy Fralick, Executive Director of The Center for Individuals with Physicial Challenges, wanted the perfect design for The Center and we were all in!

John Villareal, President, addressing the crowd at playground riboon cutting

Wendy Fralick, Executive Director

Kelli, John, and Wendy. What a gathering for the opening!

The playground design for The Center is different from every other playground in Tulsa. The playground at The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges, near 11th and Utica, is an all inclusive playground; one that is accesible for all and it was completed just in time for disability pride month.

This playground is not just about accessibility. There’s also sensory features. The playground helps kids mentally, physically and socially.

This structure has it all with slides, a balance beam, various climbing components, a basket swing, a merry-go-round, and interactive musical elements to stimulate all the senses.

The Center’s playground will give some of these children an opportunity they’ve never had before.

Parents and children from The Center were included in the design of the playground. Working through a number of unique constraints with the proposed playground site was challenging but made the final product even more fullfilling. These challenges included:

  • Maintaining existing ADA compliant sidewalks
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Public sewage and electric utility right of ways
  • Proper safety use zones in conjunction with fencing and security gates

Thanks to all the generous donors who made this possible.

See more images of the construction phase of this project here and a list of donors at the bottom of the page