You might be wondering why Happy Playgrounds would use an image of a shipping container to start our blog about the incredible playground we installed at THE COMMON GOOD; well we will get back to that. But first one of the unexpected blessings we have experienced since the inception of our company are the captivating stories we hear from our clients. Playgrounds and good people go hand in hand!

Have you ever walked into a building you had never stepped foot into before and got a “bad feeling”? I have, but when I walked into THE COMMON GOOD, at 19 S 49th West Ave, I experienced the exact opposite, a really “GOOD feeling”. Stephen Pyle, Executive Director, and his team provide outstanding services to the 74127 community. The programs and events are designed for all age groups in their community. The NW Tulsa Hub is always bustling with smiling faces of seniors enjoying the senior support programs, children waiting for the next learning or sporting event, and staff ready to lead, teach or play!

As THE COMMON GOOD website aptly describes the neighborhood as:

The Forgotten Zipcode
The 74127 zip code represents a community too often noteworthy for the essentials it lacks. Families lack access to food, affordable housing, basic healthcare, and support services as well as sports and recreational programs.

THE COMMON GOOD is following through with their mission statement with the addition of a new state of the art playground. Playworld’s exclusive Mighty Descent slide is the focus of this playground, but there is also shade for those hot Oklahoma summer days.

Playworld's Mighty Descent Slide

Shade Structure

These kiddos now have a playground to enjoy year-round.

Not only did THE COMMON GOOD invest in a playground for the community but they installed fencing around the playground to improve safety and security. Unfortunately, our installers were greeted with this image of vandalism to the new fence. When we reported it to THE COMMON GOOD administrator, she was moved to tears. These are the everyday challenges THE COMMON GOOD team faces and confidently work through.

Back to the shipping container. The shipping container is a Hydroponics Pod that provides fresh vegetables like lettuce and kale for the community.

Stephen provided a tour of the Hydroponics pod that is on THE COMMON GOOD property, right behind the new playground. We were quite impressed. Some of the benefits of hydroponic farming include:

  • Crops grow faster
  • Higher yield
  • Maximizes space
  • Requires less labor
  • Water conversation

And the two benefits we like the best are no bugs or weeds!

We encourage you to visit the THE COMMON GOOD, view the videos, and donate for the cause if so inclined.

More images of the playground can be found here. We love the colors THE COMMON GOOD team chose!