"We promise your children will climb into creativity, slide into imaginative play, and most importantly, swing into happiness as they run, climb, slide, swing, and smile on our playgrounds."

Space Kelli Collins, General Manager/Owner

Interested in learning more about who we are? Happy Playgrounds was formed in 2018, after Kelli Collins spent 5 years in the outdoor recreational industry. Prior to this, Kelli worked in the accounting world, a life full of busy seasons, deadlines, and number crunching. When the opportunity arose with Playworld, Kelli created her company, where she and her team design, build, and install playgrounds. And yes, she still has busy seasons, deadlines, and number crunching! Who would have thought public accounting and playgrounds had so much in common?!

Our projects include churches, schools, parks, and HOA's across all of Oklahoma and Arkansas. Today, under the current leadership of Kelli Collins, her team has a combined 25 years of award-winning experience in the playground, shelter, and site amenities business. Our team of professionals is dedicated to designing a play experience that is perfect for you, and we are committed to providing you the very best in product and service. We strive to build a play experience that is fun, educational, inclusive, and most of all, safe! Happy Playgrounds is the exclusive representative of Playworld playground equipment in Oklahoma and Arkansas. 

We design, install, and maintain playgrounds, shelters, shade structures, and site amenities. Happy Playgrounds provides surface testing of playgrounds and athletic fields. Our team of professionals have over 25 years of experience and would love to add you to our family of happy clients! It’s our thoroughness and commitment that makes Happy Playgrounds the most trusted playground company!


Leaders who serve and influence our community need a trusted partner who believes in their mission and can co-create venues to achieve it. It’s why we exist. Our vision is to be known as the outdoor recreation leader that advocates for the foundation of a happier, healthier community. We want to provide our communities with a place to play in venues we’ve helped build.


Honesty - Integrity - Work Ethic - Respect - Accountability