Deer Creek Elementary 4th and 5th Grade Center Here we are, saying our goodbyes to the summer of 2020 and welcoming the beauty that the autumn season offers. It has been quite a busy summer for the Happy Team, and I want to share a few highlights with you.

We completed playground installations for several schools- Deer Creek 4th & 5th Grade Center, Rosewood Elementary, Jenks West Elementary, and Rockefeller Elementary.

Deer Creek 4th and 5th Grade Center, located in Edmond Oklahoma, is a new school that opened in August. The new school is surrounded by beautiful pastures, wooded countryside, and even a pumping unit!

MA+ Architects

We loved working with MA+ Architects throughout the playground design process…their eye for color and detail never ceases to amaze me. This school project set several records for Happy Playgrounds…it was the largest playground we have worked on, not only in terms of the physical size (43,000 SQ FT!!) and contract value, but at 10 color change revisions, it is in first place!

We worked closely with the contractors, CMS Willowbrook. This was our first project with them, and I hope it won’t be the last because they are wonderful to work with. I learned much about this company and their employees, and I have to say that they are outstanding in terms of work ethic, integrity, experience, and knowledge.

Going into this project, I was a bit nervous…we were scheduled for installation at the height of the COVID pandemic, and Playworld was required to shut down for two weeks. However, I must laugh, because honestly, this was one of the easiest, problem-free playground projects I have been involved in, and I attribute this to a variety of factors.

First, I have the greatest playground manufacturer in the industry. Playworld understood how important this project was, so once they were permitted to re-open, they worked round the clock to manufacture the playground equipment in order to minimize the delay. We were able to get the equipment shipped out only 1 week later than scheduled. Every nut, bolt, post, clamp, and panel were shipped in perfect condition. We had “zero” quality control issues. I was so impressed.

Secondly, the playground installers we employ are simply the best. This project was installed by Rex Playgrounds, and they have been in the industry for over 50 years. John Walters managed this installation, and his knowledge and experience is second to none. I must applaud this guy. But, as the saying goes, “Behind every successful man there stands a strong woman”. That woman is John’s daughter, Brooke. She is responsible for coordinating schedules, tracking and offloading shipments, and so much more! Together they are a fabulous team.


My poured in place surfacing crew, Pro-Tech: WOW. I was on site watching them, and they are meticulous, detailed, professional, clean, and work from dawn to dusk. These guys know what they are doing and have zero tolerance for imperfection.

CMS Willowbrook

And finally, Dale Smith. Dale is the project supervisor for CMS Willowbrook. Dale is like the “patriarch” of this project- he is wise, willing, and wonderful. Wise, because he knows construction! Willing, because he will do whatever it takes to meet a deadline or fix a problem. And wonderful, because he does it with a smile and always a bit of humor. I’m going to miss this guy.

If you haven’t seen this project, I encourage you to click on this link Happy Playgrounds - YouTube and watch the drone video. There are two playground areas, a north and south, and they mimic one another. What a blessing it is for the children to be able to play and socialize with so many options and levels of challenge. I have even been told that the teachers and staff have been “caught” riding the Zip Line. Who says play has any age limitation??!!

Until the next blog, stay happy!