It is hard to believe that we are half way through 2020. As I look back over the first six months of this year, my heart is filled with a variety of emotions. The COVID pandemic has claimed the lives of too many, destroyed the livelihood of business owners, stolen joy from our children, and worsened the emotional outlook for our elderly population.

However, the COVID pandemic has also caused families to spend more time together. Instead of a jam-packed daily schedule filled with school, soccer practice, piano lessons, homework, a quick bite to eat, then bed, only to start the day all over again in the morning, I see togetherness. I see a slow down in life. I see creativity. I see change.

I work out of my home, and my desk sits in front of a window that looks out onto our street. Until this year, I never saw parents riding bikes with their children, dogs being walked, and dads pushing strollers, all in the middle of the day! I see a rebirth in the family unit, more creative playtime, and people like this.

My dad is 78 years old and his health is failing. Dementia is taking over, and his ability to process thoughts, articulate words, and recall what he had for breakfast is a real challenge for him. Sadly, he is aware of this, so I cannot imagine the frustration that he must live with. Before COVID, he attended an exercise class at his church three times per week. This allowed him to maintain his strength, while fulfilling his need for social interaction as well. I actually went to his class once, as he wanted his friends to meet his favorite daughter (Ha-ha…I have 3 sisters and I am sure I will hear from them after this blog gets posted!!)

His exercise class is filled with about 35 men and woman, all over the age of 70. Some are healthier than others, some must sit in chairs to exercise, but all are there to strengthen their mind and bodies. All of this came to a screeching halt in mid-March, and not surprisingly, I have witnessed a serious decline in his physical and mental health. Undoubtedly, he is not alone.

One way to look after your aging parent during this time is to take them to the park. Find an outdoor fitness park or a walking trail, where there are plenty of benches for them to stop and rest. Let them breathe in the outdoor fresh air, watch and listen to the beauty of nature, and enjoy their time with you. This will make a remarkable difference in their physical and mental health!

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