If you visit Abiding Harvest’s website you will see the phrase “Love is spoken here” in large white letters. After meeting and working with Gina and Pastor Chris, I am confident they walk the talk (or the spoken).

This beautiful and thriving church has a lot of young families attending, so they decided it was time to update their playground, and boy did they!

The children’s director knew the benefits of providing separate play areas based upon the ages of their children, so they added a structure for the younger kiddos, as well as one that will challenge and delight the children over the age of 5. They also wanted the kids to be protected from the sun, so they chose play structures that incorporate integrated shade, and added a single post shade over a bench so that the parents and teachers will be shaded as well. What a blessing this is for the children of their church! When I was young, the only shade offered on the playgrounds I visited came from a tree– if there was one nearby, and what kid do you know wants to stop playing just to cool down?

Gina had the eye for color– she chose colors that evoke happiness and energy, and it turned out great! The playground was dedicated the weekend of Easter.

Our amazing installers had a constant companion throughout the project- look closely behind the orange fencing and you will see a mother goose sitting on her nest. This young mother wasn’t bothered at all by us, in fact, I think she enjoyed all the “fuss” and attention we gave her to make sure she was safe and well cared for. Until next time, may peace and happiness fill you always!

“Building Communities One Playground at a Time”