Surface Testing


"Incorporating surface testing upon completion of your project, and then again near the end of the warranty period ensures your playground or athletic field is safe for those that visit. It also protects you, the owner, by being pro-active in ensuring your surfacing is sufficient." Kelli Collins

A playground or athletic field is only as safe as the surfacing beneath it. Our team will conduct impact attenuation testing on playground surfaces and athletic fields to ensure it is providing the proper cushion upon a fall. We pride ourselves on providing this very important service.

Using the latest technology, we will measure the maximum deceleration of gravity (GMAX) and severity and duration of impact (HIC). Once these tests are completed, we summarize the data and provide our customers with the results in a simple, easy to read and understand report.

All of our testers are CPSI certified, so they will also inspect the playground equipment to make sure it is in compliance with current ASTM standards. Any deficiencies will be included in our report.


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