Safety Surfacing


"How many of us remember nothing but blacktop underneath our jungle gyms and monkey bars? Times have certainly changed, and that is a good thing! Happy Playgrounds is proud to represent a variety of surfacing products from the industry's most innovative manufacturers. Our partners use the most environmentally friendly, premium materials available. It's about a sustainable legacy of great play, which starts with the surface underneath." Kelli Collins

Playground Safety Surfacing

With 70% of playground injuries resulting from falls onto unforgiving surfaces, how you handle surfacing is very important to your children's safety and your risk management effort. It goes without saying that the surface under and around your playground equipment is of critical importance.Today, there are many choices that offer protection from falls that are compliant with modern standards, both loose fill or unitary, across a variety of aesthetic and playful effects.

We offer multiple types of safety surfacing material that will compliment your design and stay within your budget. Allow us to help you explore the many options in playground surfacing. Count on us to provide valuable tools to help you increase the play value of your surface and functionality of the play space. Contact us for more info on each of our surfacing lines!

HappyPlay Woodfiber
  • Engineered Wood Fiber
  • Affordability
  • Locally sourced
  • Easy install
HappyPlay EPDM (Poured In Place Rubber)
  • Graphic design options
  • Wide array of color options
  • Widely used
  • 100% seamless surfacing system
HappyPlay Tiles
  • Recycled Rubber
  • ADA approved surface
  • Full customization
HappyPlay Turf
  • Ability to create uniquely textured/designed area
  • Used on all sorts of projects
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting

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