Planning and Design


"We add value to all types of projects by offering a full-circle approach to park and playground design and implementation. Our project consultants will assist you throughout every stage of the project. The end result is a recreation space that provides durable, creative, and safe outdoor fun for decades to come." Kelli Collins

Design and Project Management

At Happy Playgrounds, we can design a unique play space that meets the vision of your company, school, city, or community. A successful project begins with a well-thought out design. We add value to the design process by building a space that offers the user a creative, safe, and fun recreation site. Our design team is ready to tackle any project. From your site plan to amazing computer rendered designs we've got you covered. Utilizing our design team allows you to visualize exactly how your new playground will look.

We will virtually bring your idea to life in a 3D rendering by utilizing state of the art technologies such as AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Artlantis. These computerized drawings provide visual goals for the team and the project progresses. They will also serve as valuable tools when presenting to project stakeholders, parents, and community groups.

Once the project is underway, we manage the day to day activities, actively communicating with you, the owner. You are our number 1 priority!


Leaders who serve and influence our community need a trusted partner who believes in their mission and can co-create venues to achieve it. It’s why we exist. Our vision is to be known as the outdoor recreation leader that advocates for the foundation of a happier, healthier community. We want to provide our communities with a place to play in venues we’ve helped build.


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