Rosewood Elementary

Completed in the summer of 2020, this project was a nail-biter for a variety of reasons. First, due to construction issues beyond our control, we couldn’t get started when initially scheduled. Secondly, the month of July and August is always hot in Oklahoma, but the location of this playground was situated in a corner, behind a building that cut off any breeze whatsoever, but it didn’t cut out the sun! Given the fact that we were working extra long hours on this project to ensure a timely completion, we decided to work nights. We rented lights, and the crew began working at 6:00PM, and quit at 6:00am. This proved to be a much more productive work environment. The third issue we had involved the installation of the wood mulch. Because the playground was flanked by a beautiful new basketball court, semi-trucks could not cross over it, lest we pay for a new basketball court! So, we hired a company to “sling” the mulch inside the play areas. This was the first time I have ever had to do this, and it was quite interesting to watch. The good news is that we finished on time, and the kiddos had a beautiful and fun new playground. Then I took a well-needed vacation!