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Swing, Baby, Swing!

Oklahoma Arkansas Playground Equipment

Grant, the Executive Director of Facilities for Broken Arrow Schools, is a dad to young children, and when the School District was ready to invest in new playground equipment, his first consultants were his kiddos! Together, they selected the “Lumberjack” play structure because there was no beginning or end, and it provided a lot of climbing opportunities.


Oklahoma Arkansas Playground Equipment

Amy is the President of a property management firm. She contacted me about the need for a playground at this lovely residential community, and together, we designed this playground. The playground will be installed adjacent to an outdoor living area, so the parents will enjoy socializing while the kiddos play away!


Oklahoma Arkansas Playground Equipment

When I visited this school to obtain measurements, I was surrounded (and assisted) by several young students. The happiness that danced across their faces when they learned what I was there for is such a blessing to me! Each one of them offered me their opinions on what their playground needed-- complete with color selection! What a testament to their individuality and communication skills! The “Slither” was selected for Spring Creek Elementary, not only because of the physical challenge it offers the kids, but it also allows the teachers and staff complete visibility of their play. This will be an end of July installation.


Oklahoma Arkansas Playground Equipment

While completing a shade and deck project for Pulaski Heights Middle School, we were approached by Sheila, the hardest working President of a PTA I have ever known. Her desire to improve and beautify this charming school is a blessing to everyone! Sheila was interested in synthetic turf for the entrance to the middle school, and she got it! Not only are the parents and faculty delighted by this, the mowing crew couldn’t be happier!


Oklahoma Arkansas Playground Equipment

We do a lot of work for the Little Rock School District and have become their playground supplier of choice. More importantly, great friendships have been fostered over the last few years. Dave, who wears many hats—Construction Manager, Master Griller, and Serious Outdoorsman to name a few--approached me about the need to replace a unit that had been damaged from a fire. Because of budget constraints, the School District needed to get the most “bang for the buck”. At a sales price of just over $10k, The High Rise met their needs. This is scheduled for installation in July.

Big & Bad

Oklahoma Arkansas Playground Equipment

Before I formed Happy Playgrounds, I was the project manager for a playground in Fayetteville, AR. This nature-themed playground, manufactured by Themed Concepts, offers both a 2-5 and 5-12 playground structure along with shades and site amenities. Working with Ken, one of the City’s Landscape Architects, was an incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable experience. I spent several days at the park as I watched (often holding my breath) our crew install these massive structures that weigh several tons each. Ken's knowledge of the surrounding trails, native wildlife, and history of the beautiful Kessler Mountain both intrigued and inspired me. If you haven’t visited this park, you need to!

All around fun

Oklahoma Arkansas Playground Equipment

There are so many great people I meet in my business. One of them is the Superintendent of this School District. When we walked through the school, several students ran up to him, offering hugs and hellos, and he knew every one of their names! It is quite obvious that he is loved by all! When we talked about the playground equipment he wanted for the school, he told me that the children had requested "fun climbing and spinning equipment". I immediately knew what to offer him...the PlayWeb and Spinami. The PlayWeb provides challenging climbing opportunities, while at the same time, promotes a place for kids to hang out and interact with other kids.

The Spinami is an upright spinning whirl that accomodates a lot of children at once. The closer you stand to the center pole, the faster the Spinami will spin you! And, at a cost of less than $5k, it is a whirl of a deal! These additions to the school will create a happy surprise for the children when they return from summer break. This installation is scheduled for the end of July. Give it a whirl below!

Well Done!